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Rasmala offers a wide range of management options for portfolio management, catering to the need of regional and international institutional clients. Rasmala also provides investors with a wide variety of investment products and tailored investment solutions in both conventional and Sharia-compliant strategies. 



 Monthly Factsheet  (October 2020)

Prospectus KIID
Investor Notifications
Rasmala GCC Fixed Income Fund 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf 
Rasmala Global Sukuk Fund  1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf RGSF
Rasmala Palestine Equity Fund  1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Trade Finance Fund   1450052124_file-pdf  1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf RTFF
   Rasmala Long Income Fund  1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf       1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf     RREF
   Rasmala European Real Estate           Income Fund 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf     RREF
   Rasmala North American Real            Estate Income Fund 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf RREF

Our various discretionary portfolio strategies include:

  • MENA/ GCC / Single Country Equity Portfolio Investment Strategy
  • Fixed Income Portfolios Investment Strategy
  • Money Market Portfolio Strategy
  • Alternative Investment Portfolio Strategy
  • Sharia-Compliant Portfolio Investment strategy
  • Balanced Portfolio Strategy

Fund Prices

Rasmala GCC Fixed Income Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf




Rasmala Global Sukuk Fund  Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf
Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf KIIDs1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Palestine Equity Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Trade Finance Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf     



Rasmala Leasing Fund 2 Flyer1450052124_file-pdf  Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Nujoom Agressive Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf  Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Nujoom Balanced Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf  Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Long Income  Fund  Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala European Real Estate Income Fund  Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf