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Rasmala provides investors with a wide variety of investment products and tailored investment solutions in both conventional and shari’a compliant strategies. We invest in key regional markets, offering our in-depth expertise to investors looking to penetrate these markets. Our lux domiciled UCITS sub-funds include:

  • Arabian Markets Growth Equity Fund
  • Rasmala GCC Islamic Equity Income Fund
  • Rasmala GCC Fixed Income Fund
  • Rasmala Global Sukuk Fund

Our niche international offering includes Rasmala Trade Finance Fund and Rasmala Leasing Fund, both are unique Sharia compliant investment solutions, offering an attractive IRR.


 Monthly Factsheet (October 2018)

Flyer Prospectus KIID
Arabian Markets Growth Equity Fund 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala GCC Fixed Income Fund 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala GCC Islamic Equity Income Fund 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Global Sukuk Fund (EN & AR) 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Global Equity Manager Selection Fund 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Palestine Equity Fund  1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Trade Finance Fund  (EN & AR) 1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf  1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Leasing Fund 2 1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf
    Nujoom Aggressive Fund  1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf
    Nujoom Balanced Fund  1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf
    Rasmala Long Income Fund C  
    1450052124_file-pdf 1450052124_file-pdf


Rasmala offers a wide range of management options for portfolio management, catering to the need of regional and international institutional clients. We were amongst the first MENA managers to be awarded a sizeable mandate by a European Sovereign Wealth Fund in December 2012.

Our various discretionary portfolio strategies include:

  • MENA/ GCC / Single Country Equity Portfolio Investment Strategy
  • Fixed Income Portfolios Investment Strategy
  • Money Market Portfolio Strategy
  • Alternative Investment Portfolio Strategy
  • Sharia Compliant Portfolio Investment strategy
  • Balanced Portfolio Strategy

To learn more about our investment capabilities please contact us on:


Arabian Markets Growth Equity Fund Factsheet Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf KIIDs1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala GCC Fixed Income Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf




Rasmala GCC Islamic Equity Income Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf KIIDs1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Global Sukuk Fund (EN & AR) Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf KIIDs1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Global Equity Manager Selection Fund  Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf



Rasmala Palestine Equity Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Trade Finance Fund Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf     1450052124_file-pdf



Rasmala Leasing Fund 2 Flyer1450052124_file-pdf  Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf
Rasmala Long Income  Fund C Factsheet1450052124_file-pdf  Prospectus1450052124_file-pdf