Business Description

Rasmala Holdings Limited (Rasmala Holdings) is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and is the principal parent entity of the Rasmala Group. Within the Rasmala group of companies, Rasmala Holdings is the ultimate parent company and owns a 100% economic interest in Rasmala UK Limited (RUL), its United Kingdom based subsidiary. In turn, RUL owns a 100% economic interest in Rasmala Investment Bank Limited (RIBL), domiciled in the Dubai International Financial Centre as a regulated investment bank. The significant subsidiaries of Rasmala Holdings are referred to interchangeably as ‘Rasmala’ and the’Rasmala Group’. 

The Investor Relations section of this website is primarily for corporate shareholders and others interested in corporate information about Rasmala . If you are looking for information regarding our investment activities please visit the Our Expertise section.

The information in this Investor Relations section was last updated was at October 2019.