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We are a leading independent investment manager with a track record of superior performance. Established in 1999, we’ve earned our reputation for innovation, reliability and client service.

Rasmala delivers a range of investment solutions, which give investors the opportunity to construct balanced and sophisticated portfolios covering a range of asset classes. Our award-winning team of experienced professionals combines in-depth market knowledge and global experience with a strong track record of generating outstanding returns. Although Rasmala was founded to serve Gulf investors, our investment universe and corporate culture has always been international. We have offices in London and  Dubai. Our geographic footprint enables us to leverage on-the-ground insight into local and international markets. We have a deep network of investor relationships in the Gulf including pension funds, family groups, corporates and financial institutions. We are co-invested with our clients across all asset classes which ensures that our interests are closely aligned.


$1.8 billion





London & Dubai



Fixed Income


Real Estate

Why Choose Us

Award winning independent investment manager

Experienced team of investment professionals

In-depth Islamic finance expertise

Rigorous investment process

Proprietary, fundamental and quantitative research

Customised client-driven solutions

In-house origination, structuring, placement and marketing expertise